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The Combined Effort to Save it from Extinction

In the 1800's and 1900's the introduction of dams and over-fishing drove the Idaho White Sturgeon nearly to extinction. In 1971, Fish and Game instigated a catch and release only mandate in an effort to prevent further decline of the species. 

In 1988, a program was initiated that brought together the College of Southern Idaho, the University of Idaho, Idaho Fish and Game, sports fishermen, and local industry to save these historical fish.    

Mature fish were brought in by local fishermen and later Idaho Power to be spawned by the participating colleges. Participants from the industry also helped in the big job that is spawning these fish and then largely funded the program by purchasing the excess fish to raise for production while the colleges would raise others to be reintroduced to wild populations.

This program marked the beginning of a turning point for Idaho White Sturgeon and the resident population is now one of the strongest in the world. As a company, we are proud to participate in the story of the Idaho White Sturgeon and are happy to now be able to provide you with the fruits of this endeavor..

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